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Yiftah’el Winery

Yiftah’el winery in Alon Hagalil is owned by Hadas and Zvika Ofir, both are a third generation of farmers. The land-based farm has got vineyards, bee-houses and cultivation of field crops.
Zvika tells: “For many years we sold our wine grapes to various wineries which got compliments for their wines. In 1999 we’ve decided to start our own winery based on our grapes. Our wines are unique for being made of one variety each. The proximity between the winery and vineyards, the careful viticulture and the professional guidance of the winemaker Kobi Tuch enable us to produce high quality wines. Our vineyards are spread over the southern slopes of the Zippori river. On its reach and red limestone soil we grow five varieties of wine grapes: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Sangiovese and Petit syrah.


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